Implement MFSKey to launch your own branded
Keyboard Banking - The Technology that enables
Banking Service while Chatting.

What is MFSKey

  • MFSKey is a technology for Banks to enabling Banking Services while Chatting. Its not a Chatbot it’s a Keyboard Banking App where in Bank can enable Informative and Transactional Services for their Customers.
  • This service can be initiated from any social messenger, SMS , Email, WhatsApp, WeChat or any messenger App on Mobile Device by simply switching default keyboard or anytime whenever default keyboard is opened in mobile phone.
  • Along with banking transaction, you can use MFSKey as your regular mobile keyboard.
  • With MFSKey users can check their account balance, transfer funds, Full Statement, Airtime Top-up securely without switching apps while continuing to send emails or chatting.

Why MFSKey

  • Stop Switching between Apps.
  • Fast and easier way of doing Banking.
  • Complete your transaction in just few clicks!
  • No need to interrupt your chat, transfer funds while chatting on any messenger.
  • Works on Android and iOS Platform.
  • No need of any APIs from any 3rd Party Chatting App .
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