Push Notification

Increasing demands from digital-savvy customers are changing the way banks communicate with them. To stay competitive in the market, banks must embrace new technologies to provide timely and bespoke guidance and support to their customers through user-friendly and up-to-date digital services. Push Notifications help banks to redefine communication with their customers.
Push Notifications that look like SMS text messages and mobile alerts help the banks to keep their customers updated on the go. It helps them to reach out to their customers quickly and easily. It acts as an efficient tool for the banks to interact and engage with their customers. Push Notifications not only help banks to notify the customers right away, but they can also leverage it to cross-sell and generate revenue opportunities.

In addition to notifying a customer of fraudulent activities, banks can communicate the complete picture of the person’s financial status. Overall, Push Notifications help banks to achieve better engagement and aid in fraud mitigation.


ModeFinServer’s Push Notification solution helps banks to connect with their customer on mobile devices.
Our solution enables banks to reach out to their customers through diverse devices like tablet, laptop, smartphones, and even smartwatch.
Banks can even send interactive push notifications which allow customers to take action by clicking the notification without the need to even open the app.


Helps to reduce costs and meet business goals
Be the differentiators in the market vying for customer attention
Timely, relevant and actionable notifications help improve customer experience
Driving users to other marketing channels, such as social networks
Insight-led advice helps banks to build intuitive-based relationships with their customers
Generate revenue opportunities through customized offers
Sending transactional receipts right away
Deliver critical information in real-time that enables banks to provide rich user experience
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