QR Code Based Payment

QR Code-based digital payment solution is a unique, simple, and secure solution that allows for easy and quick payments at merchant locations or retail outlets. Banks can integrate QR based digital payment solution into their service offerings to attract new customers and grow their business.

Our solution allows SMBs, microbusinesses, supermarkets & groceries, petrol station, restaurant, and other businesses to make and accept payments from their end-customers. This infrastructure light digital payment solution allows businesses to issue & pay invoices and receive payments directly into their current account from their customers.


Allows for the generation of personalized QR codes to suit the business needs of the customer
The solution can handle heavy transactions with ease and ensures data integrity & security across channels
Seamless checkout at the merchant location
Supports both static and dynamic QR code generation


QR codes allows for digital payments anywhere and at anytime
Completes any type of transaction within a few seconds
Ensures encrypted and protected data transfer and doesn’t transfer any sensitive details to third-parties

Doesn’t require any additional infrastructure to generate the QR code. Requires only a smartphone with a camera and a printed/electronic QR code

Eliminates the probability of an error as QR codes contain unique information
No data connection is required for accepting payments as transaction success message is sent to both customer and merchant via SMS
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