Telecom operators are venturing into the financial services sector, especially with transactional services such as wallets or mobile payments. The emergence of mobile payment alternatives, the relevance of smartphones as a key channel for banking interaction, and decreased importance of branch banking have resulted in making telecom operators strong contenders for offering financial products to customers.

With significant capital investment and innovative digital solutions, telecom companies can effectively manage to offer a full range of mobile financial services which will act as a new channel for revenue generation and helps in improving customer loyalty.
ModeFinServer creates unique products that help telecom companies to offer financial services to their customers effectively. Our products help the telecoms to tap into the new market for greater revenue generation, increase their potential customer base and improve customer acquisition.

MFS provides a platform which helps telecoms to diversify from a simple peer-to-peer money transfer to a more sophisticated micro-banking and payment services. Our platform is well configured, adapting different features as per specific requirement giving a new meaning to ‘currency-on-the-go’ phrase.
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