Core Banking

The heart of any banking system providing integrated solutions to all banking requirements is Core Banking. At MFS, this is the crux of our solution platform – enabling a strong foundation to facilitate a host of banking products/services like Retail banking, corporate banking, amalgamating features that support trade finance. A complete enterprise solution that is customer satisfaction driven, efficient and that is reliable.

MFS offers an extensive and modular core banking solution to power Banking transformation. The solution offers a wide-ranging range of abilities across deposits, lending and trade finance for retail and corporate consumers


  • Complete banking suite catering to the needs of Banking Segment
  • Can handle heavy transactions, data integrity and security across channels
  • Flexibility to add new services and delivery technologies as per customers’ demand
  • Fault tolerance to isolate the impacts of system downtime from the customer
  • Fault tolerance to isolate the impacts of system downtime from the customer
  • Efficient and quick product offerings based on market demands
  • Allows optimum utilization of existing Infrastructure while minimizing the cost of investment
  • Platform Agnostic

Key Features

  • User friendly
  • Customer cenulicity
  • Single Window Operations
  • Highly Parameterized
  • Exhaustive Day end Report
  • Reports – Support Multiple Formats
  • Audit ulial
  • Exhaustive MIS
  • Scalable Solution
  • Supports Linux/Windows in client
  • 24×7 Real time reporting
  • Supports multiple delivery channels
  • Low bandwidth usage
  • KYC Compliance
  • User defined Dashboard and Menus
  • Multiple Window Operation
  • Security checks
  • Regulatory compliance – India and Africa
  • Exhaustive Delinquency management
  • Agile Solution
  • Hardware Independent
  • W3C Compatible
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