Though most of the population these days are using the Mobile Banking which can be used to access all the E-Passbook services, still there are plenty of people who think that using the Digital Channels for transactions is not safe and still a lot of people prefer to not link their savings account to a digital banking channel. And this is the reason we can see lot of people having multiple bank accounts and some of them will not be linked to any digital channels.

mPassbook application is a smart phone application for Android and iPhone to access and explore account transactions instantly. It is more than a conventional passbook. It will allow Customer to View Transactions of all (multiple) operative accounts at a single window. mPassbook application can run as independent App or can be clubbed with Mobile Banking Application


  • mPassbook app is the first step to encourage this category of customers to opt for digital channels. Below are some facts for considering using mPassbook application.
  • No transactional services included so no need to fear for hacking/phishing
  • Stored login PINs are secure and encrypted
  • Comfort at your fingertips. No need to stand in those big queues at branches just to know your balance/statements
  • For Banks this is the first step to encourage their customers in using other digital channels like Mobile Banking and Internet Banking.
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