We believe mobile phones are one of the most important gadgets of value. What the smart phone can do or rather put to use, is commendable. At MFS, we are constantly trying to make the best utilisation of the best available mode of conducting banking transactions. Our mVisa is a new transformative way to pay and well, get paid too via your mobile phone – just like how a Visa card would work!


  • Skip queues by just adopting the 3-step payment method Scan the merchants QR code, Pay and Go – method
  • Your mobile is your ‘card’ – never worry of losing one


  • The mVisa QR Code is a bar code having your unique seller identity embedded (merchant ID, account number etc)
  • Inbuilt scanner scans the QR code initiating payment process
  • Transfer currency to any visa card
  • Enables merchant payments
Come Lets Talk “Money On Demand – Your Mode of Payment.”