Omni Channel Banking

The way customers transact and interact with banks has changed over the years. Customers are demanding banking services according to their preferences and looking for convenience in the way they transact & interact with banks. To cater to the needs of the modern customer, banks will have to look beyond the traditional approach and should focus on delivering timely and consistent user experiences across platforms and devices.
ModeFinServer’s integrated Omni Channel Platform is designed to help banks & financial institutions deliver modern cross-platform customer experiences. It allows banks to align with customer expectations and create deeper & personalized engagement.

The platform offers a single centralized solution that helps banks to deliver streamlined and personalized services through self-service channels to their customers.

Internet Banking

ModeFinServer’s Internet Banking solution comes with multi-channel capabilities and helps to offer interactive & contextual customer experiences. It is an intuitive, modern and flexible solution that can be integrated with self-service channels thus allowing customers to initiate a transaction on the internet and complete it via any other channel. It is further enhanced with advanced services and supports a range of comprehensive functionalities for both retail & corporate banking.

Mobile Banking

ModeFinServer’s Mobile Banking solution offers a streamlined approach allowing you to manage your mobile channel efficiently. It helps to offer personalized customer experiences via mobile devices like smartphones & tablets.

The mobile banking solution can be swiftly integrated with other channels and allows your customers to access banking services across all leading mobile platforms like Android iOS, Blackberry, and Windows. The solution can be optimized for SMS, USSD, mobile web browser, smartphone and tablet applications.

Agency Banking

ModeFinServer’s Agency Banking solution helps banks to offer door-to-door banking services and makes it possible for bank’s customers to perform affordable micro-transactions.

The solution facilitates hassle-free customer onboarding process and helps banks to easily extend their services even to remotest areas with no access to banking services thereby promoting financial inclusion. The agency banking solution comes with an agency management portal that allows you to manage the network of agents with ease and also supports multi-hierarchy agent management.


Our Omni Channel Platform improves customer experience and loyalty by helping banks to offer secured banking services through the customer’s preferred channel.
It merges customer data from both physical and digital channels thus greatly reducing operational costs for banks to manage solutions of various channels.
Enhances customer service by allowing you to communicate with your customers at the right time based on their customer journey.
Helps to deliver consistent brand experience across multiple channels.

Optimize existing processes and create customer-centric offers that align with the needs of the customers.

Our Omni Channel Platform comes with built-in security features and is compliant with the latest security standards thus offering a secured experience for both banks and customers.
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