Micro Savings and

mLoan and mSaving from ModeFinServer is a scalable, flexible and robust solution that automates all bank and mobile wallet operations encompassing savings and small-value lending services. It is a customizable and module-driven solution that helps to offer micro-level financial services to individuals or groups with less income or limited resources.
mSaving, a mobile-based solution enables banks or mobile wallet operators to attract the unbanked or underbanked population to open a savings account and earn interest from it.

mLoan is a mobile-based small value lending solution that allows banks or mobile wallet operators to lend money to its mobile money customers based on the credit score limits. This solution effectively manages the overall loan lifecycle management cycle and is powered by an effective accounting module and a comprehensive reporting system.


Advanced Interest Calculator

Customized interest calculating engine to suit the needs of the mSaving and mLoan accounts

Distribution & Logistics Management

Lower costs and boost productivity through effective distribution and logistics management module.

Reminder Alerts

Customizable alert notification module which initiates automated notifications to borrowers periodically as preferred by the clients.

Credit Scoring

Complete and customizable credit scoring module allows for the processing of loan applications in real-time. It helps to fine-tune your credit risk decisions with access to relevant data that provides a 360-degree view of the customer.

Recovery & Payment

The solution offers a single window to monitor the entire loan recovery & payment process. It helps to simplify operations, deliver real-time data to the field agents and monitor the payment process.

Fees & Commission

Customizable and automated fees & commission module which analyzes the risk involved and calculates the loan processing fees and commission.

AI-Powered Decision Making Engine

The solution leverages the AI-powered decision-making engine to assess the creditworthiness of a customer. It improves the efficiency of the credit decision process and helps to make quick and fair lending decisions.


Gain an advantage over your competitors through the deployment of value-added services.

Helps to achieve operational efficiency through workflow automation.

Delivers data in real-time to assess the lending and recovery process.

Helps to deliver excellent customer service.

Improves and streamlines the entire loan management cycle.

Make quick, accurate and reliable credit risk decisions.
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