Micro Savings and

Our technology to enable all Bank and Mobile Wallet operations – encompassing saving solutions and small value lending solutions.

Often categorised into two broad categories, our solutions can be easily adapted:

  • mLoan and mSaving – enabling banks to offer lending services. It enables one to open an account and allows the customer to borrow small amounts from the bank or continue saving for future use.
  • Mobile Wallet Operator – the same solutions as above. However, the entire lending and saving options are done through a mobile wallet operator who has tied up with the bank. This is particularly designed to meet the underserved community to enable their access to banking.
The solutions come with advanced interest calculator, distribution and logistics management, performance and service management, and reminder alerts. The perfect two-way solution for all your banking needs packaged into one.


  • Customer on-boarding (option to register mSaving or mLoan), system user registration
  • Accounting standard and template configuration
  • Graphical dashboards
  • Complete credit scoring module with option to customise
  • Complete loan management, delinquency management and roll over communication
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