Mobile Wallet

In the age of smartphones, carrying wallets has become redundant. Credit/Debit cards, currency and other monetary items are done away with while using our mWallet solution. Your smartphone is your currency – our mWallet brings a host of transactions at your fingertips.


  • Can be used by all population – income/status no bar
  • Services can be extended for transactions (cash in and out, fund transfer), airtime top-up, payment of bills, remittance (domestic and international), locating agents, movie tickets, savings management, micro lending with credit scoring and more
  • Card-less withdrawal over ATM
  • Share, send, spend and track money with friends on social media

Key Features

  • My Account
    • Self-Account
    • registration and Opening
    • Balance Enquiry
    • Mini Statement
    • Cash Out (Agent / ATM / Branch etc.)
    • Cash In (Linked Bank A/c, Credit / Debit Card)
    • Bill Payment (Registered / Unregistered)
  • Funds Transfer Wallet to Wallet i.e. P2P
    • To Another Wallet
    • To Non Wallet Customer
    • To Beneficiary
    • Add Beneficiary
    • Delete Beneficiary
  • Airtime Top Up i.e. Selling Voucher / Pin less
    • Own Phone
    • Another Phone
    • Beneficiaries
    • Add Beneficiary
    • Delete Beneficiary
  • Payments
    • Utility Bill Payments (Electricity, Water etc.)
    • Merchant Payments ( QR Code based, Merchant ID based and Card based Payment )
    • Government tax payments
    • Insurance Payments
    • Ticketing (Air, Rail, Bus, Movie etc.)
  • Remittances
    • Domestic and International (Bank / Western Union / Money Gram etc.)
  • Service Requests
    • Change Pin
    • Transaction Detail
    • Change Language
    • Full Statement
    • Invite a Friend
  • Personal Finance Management
    • Holistic View on Expenses
    • Track Spending
    • Goal Alerts
    • Set Goal
    • Loyalty Points
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