Loyalty Management

Customers, nowadays expect more than just competitive interest rates and good services from banks and financial institutions. They are looking for personalized services and expect rewards for being loyal customers. Loyalty programs help banks & financial institutions to foster strong relationships with their customers by offering them a diverse range of rewards.

Banks & financial institutions can leverage loyalty programs to build a customer-centric brand image and improve customer engagement. By running successful loyalty programs, banks can gain an edge over their competitors.

Our Solution

ModeFinServer offers loyalty management solution that helps you to offer relevant & real-time rewards that boost customer engagement and aids in revenue generation. We help you to switch from the traditional loyalty programs to ROI driven intelligent program that’s fast, flexible and Omni Channel.

We offer customized Loyalty Management Solution that suits your business goals and objectives and can serve both customer and business markets. Through enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction, our Omni channel solution helps you to attract new customers and retain existing valuable customers. Our solution offers advanced analytics feature and in-depth performance reports to better understand customer behavior and expectations. A loyalty rules engine allows you to calculate points based on various types of parameters.


Offer personalized rewards that match customer profile and expectations
Helps to create sales opportunity with increased customer interaction
Supports custom tiers of loyalty layers
Integrate loyalty programs across channels from online, tablet, to mobile, social media, and POS terminals.
Helps to deliver operational efficiency with flexible campaign management
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