Personal Finance

ModeFinServer’s personal finance management solution helps banks to provide their clients, a comprehensive view of finances. Our solution helps you to engage with your customers on a higher level by helping them to easily, securely and efficiently manage their finances.

With a user-friendly interface, the solution allows your clients to see all their financial accounts in one place. Using smart personal tools from ModeFinServer, your clients can manage their expenses, view investments, allocate budget for their personal goals and improve their overall financial wellbeing.

In addition to allowing your customers to keep track of their income & expenditure, the digital personal finance management solution also empowers your customers to plan to achieve their life’s milestones and make more informed decisions.


Manage money transactions with the help of a graphical dashboard
Set and track personal goals
Receive smart notifications on completion of goals
Users can track their cash flow, income and spending with the help of visual analytics
Set up personal budgets and keep a track of them


Banks can leverage the rich insights to cross-sell and upsell their financial products
Come up with customized offers/services that meet the changing needs of the customers
Build loyal and stronger relationships with customers by offering them personalized recommendations
Banks can attract new customers by offering a range of attractive features to manage personal finances
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